G Clamps


We manufacture and stock a range of G clamps primarily for use in the anodising (anodizing) and powdercoating industries. These clamps are made from high end plastics that are specifically designed to accommodate the harsh environment of acids, solvents and high temperatures used in these processes.

  • 40, 50, 65, 75 mm Opening
  • 40mm Clamp is available as either a fine or coarse thread
  • 50, 65, 75mm Clamps have special 5/8″(10TPI) fine thread

  • High strength design
  • Surfaces that don’t retain fluids
  • Free running screw threads
  • User friendly handles on screws
  • Drain channels on screw to eliminate residue build up
  • All clamps available with a titanium tip screw
  • Available in either standard material or Hi Temp (for hydrofluoric tanks)